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Greenlion Farms
Local Produce 365 days a year 



Greenlion Farms is a family run farm, owned and operated by Mark and Lesley van Deursen located in Armstrong, BC.

We are passionate about local, sustainable, chemical free practices that can provide our province and country with year-round produce. We use an automated, environment controlled systems to grow varieties of leafy greens and microgreens with superior taste and freshness.


Utilizing the growing technology, we are able to grow the produce using only the amount of water the required, recycling unused water back into the system. This drastically reduces water consumption compared to conventional farming methods.  These controlled chambers produce a higher yield per square foot and a smaller foot print of land use. 


Ultimately, we are most passionate about demonstrating and modelling to our young children that change is possible. 

Food security and education for a healthier today and tomorrow are issues that need immediate attention and we are dedicated to contributing positively toward those causes in any way we can.

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